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~ Tuesday, December 27 ~

DIY, all natural hair Conditioner!

This is the first conditioner i’ve found that actually soothes my wild hair! you can make it yourself in under 15 minutes. the materials cost around $20 and makes over 6 months worth of conditioner, easy. you can customize the scent to your liking with various herbs and essential oils. i love this conditioner because it minimizes the chemicals in my life, and for mother earth :) give it a whirl!

DIY Conditioner Final Product

your shopping list: i got all of these products in the health food section of my local grocery store.

  • cold pressed olive oil. (cold pressed preserves the wonderful emollient qualities in the oils.)
  • cold pressed grape seed oil.
  • any small glass or plastic bottles. i bought a set of tiny travel toiletries bottles for $2.
  • recommended: a bottle of essential oil for scent. i chose tea tree oil. you want oils derived directly from plants, not potpourri oils. (those are harmful to skin and hair.)
  • optional: additional herbs, spices, or citrus fruit rinds for a custom scent. you can use vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, lavender, etc. here, i used a key lime rind in one bottle and a sprig of rosemary in another.

    DIY Conditioner Shopping List 1

    above: shopping list, small bottles.

    DIY Conditioner Sopping List 2

    above: shopping list: cold pressed grape seed oil, cold pressed olive oil, essential tea tree oil, a key lime. not depicted: rosemary. unnecessarily depicted: brown sugar. you don’t really need that.

step 1: add your preferred scenting combos.

i chose a sprig of rosemary for one bottle and a twist of lime for another. they also work nicely in the same bottle. 

DIY Conditioner Step 4

the twist of lime is the same as you would make for a martini. quarter the lime lengthwise, peel out the meat of the fruit, and twist the rind. drop it into the bottle. drop the rosemary into the bottle as well. in each bottle, add a few drops of the essential oils. i used about 10 drops of tea tree oil because i like very strong scents. the amount of oil is completely up to you.

step 2: fill the bottles half way with cold pressed olive oil.

DIY Conditioner Step 5

step 3: fill the bottles the rest of the way with cold pressed grape seed oil.

DIY Conditioner Step 6

voila! now you have your own, eco-friendly conditioner that your hair will love!

use it out of the shower on wet or dry hair. coat your hands in a thin layer of your conditioner, and work into your thirsty hair starting at the tips. i don’t like to put it near my roots, but love it everywhere else. the trick is Less is More! use as many times a day as your hair likes. this has replaced shower conditioner and leave-in conditioners for me. i hope you enjoy!



DIY Conditioner Final Product

your shopping list: i got all of these products in the health food section of my local grocery store.

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